1 Million User and $15 Million GMV

ApolloX platform currently has 1 million users and 15 million annual GMV thanks to its strategic partner ApolloBox. Over 200 global brands and online shops have become members of the ApolloX decentralized marketplace since the announcement of the ApolloX platform. We expect to have more than 1000 stores before the platform’s official launch. This makes ApolloX the world's first decentralized marketplace with 1 million users.

What is ApolloX What

ApolloX is a decentralized ecosystem connecting buyers and sellers with trust and efficiency, without information silo and commission fees. The ecosystem has three building blocks.

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    Shops Powered by ApolloX

    Independent web stores and decentralized marketplaces built with ApolloX Protocol.

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    ApolloX Protocol

    A protocol layer that makes it easy to build decentralized e-commerce applications and services on blockchain.

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    ApolloX Community

    A fast growing community of manufactures, sellers, customers, service providers and technologists. Community members contribute and get rewarded for providing value to the whole community.

Why Decentralized E-Commerce WDE

Trust is the most expensive commodity

Centralized E-Commerce

Pay excessive commission for endorsement

Decentralized E-Commerce

Smart Contracts and Community arbitration provides trust at zero cost

Data Monopoly brings unfairness

Centralized E-Commerce

Consumers lose private data. Sellers face unfair competition with marketplace platform

Decentralized E-Commerce
Transparent data access control by both consumer and seller

Aligning Incentives for Platform and Users

Centralized E-Commerce

Platform prioritizes profit over the value of each user’s interest

Decentralized E-Commerce

Tokenization aligns the incentive between the platform and users and promotes healthy growth

ApolloX Protocol Elements Protocol

Attribution Protocol

Rewards community for referral traffic and affiliate sales

Payment Protocol

Securely transfers payment between buyer and seller to prevent frauds and accelerate turnarounds

Reputation Protocol

A trustable review system for products and sellers. Rewards authentic high quality reviews and penalizes fraudulent behaviors

Oracle and Data Protocol

Trustable data IO between ApolloX platform and external apps to amplify the value of data in ApolloX platform

Arbitration Protocol

Resolves disputes in a transparent and efficient way through stake and challenge with rewards

Community Built Protocol

Soon all ApolloX members can build their own protocols that will best serve and advance the ApolloX community

ApolloX Use Cases CASE

Decentralized Marketplace

The decentralized marketplace with an unparalleled user experience

Independent Stores

Powers independent stores with blockchain and the ApolloX network , charging minimal fees and producing intrinsic traffic

E-Commerce Services

Service businesses for the sellers and buyers, such as decentralized shopping data exchange and decentralized shopping insurance market

ApolloX Token Economy APXT

ApolloX Token (APXT) is designed to facilitate transactions within ApolloX ecosystem and promote positive contribution to the community.


There are multiple ways for each role to earn and spend APXT in the ecosystem.

  • Earn for sharing social accounts. Customers can earn APXT by opening accounts and connecting social networks.
  • Pay for services on ApolloX network. Sellers need to pay for platform service fees such as advertisement and search ranking with APXT.
  • Rewards and Affiliate Program. Members bring in affiliate traffic earn APXT as rewards for affiliate orders.
  • Perks for members holding APXT. Premium members who hold APXT tokens receive perks such as discounts in purchasing and free service.


We will host two stages of token sale for ApolloX Tokens. The community pre sale has ended. The public sale will happen on early 2019.

Pre Sale Period

Sep 1, 2018 - Oct 11, 2018

Number of tokens for sale

3,500,000,000 APXT (35%)

Pre Sale Bonus


Tokens exchange rate

1 APXT = $0.0055

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

0.5 ETH, 0.025 BTC

Distribution of tokens


Use of proceeds


Our Roadmap RoadMap

Nov 2017

ApolloBox passed $1M monthly sales.

Dec 2017

ApolloX Foundation founded for exploring blockchain technology for e-commerce

April 2018

ApolloX releases whitepaper

May 2018

ApolloX Token integrated with ApolloBox app

Oct 2018

ApolloX front-end system beta version release

Dec 2018

ApolloX alpha version running on distributed nodes

April 2019

ApolloX decentralized marketplace starts test operation

Q3 2019

ApolloBox migrates all operation onto ApolloX Infrastructure


ApolloX becomes a fully decentralized service

Investors Investors

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